How to enable IPv6 on a SonicWall (SonicOS 5.9) using NAT

IPv6 aimed to make Network Address Translation (NAT) obselete as there are so many addresses available that every single device can have its own worldwide unique IPv6 address. However, even with IPv6, using NAT is a very simple way to get your devices behind a Dell SonicWall connected to IPv6 services on the internet. In contrast to going without NAT, all the devices behind your SonicWall will emerge under the SonicWall’s IPv6 address. Continue reading How to enable IPv6 on a SonicWall (SonicOS 5.9) using NAT

Social Bookmarking explained

What is social bookmarking?

Social bookmarking is a technique for managing the URLs of your favorite websites with an online service and being able to share these bookmarks with others. In contrast to managing bookmarks with a browser’s built-in features, your bookmarks not necessarily need to be private to yourself, but others can browse through your bookmarks as well. Vice versa, you can browse through other people’s bookmarks and discover new, interesting sites. Continue reading Social Bookmarking explained

How to use JSF 2.2 with JBoss AS 7.1

The JBoss Application Server 7.1 is shipped with Oracle Mojarra 2.1 in order to provide support for JSF 2.1. JSF 2.2 is only officially supported with the new WildFly 8, which is the successor of JBoss AS. As JSF 2.2 comes with a lot of new and interesting features such as HTML5 support and Faces Flow, I really wanted to get JSF 2.2 running. Continue reading How to use JSF 2.2 with JBoss AS 7.1

Cluefeed: a social know-how aggregator

I like reading through inspiring articles that extend my know-how, especially articles about web development. However, I find it hard to find good articles. I find some through postings by people I follow on Twitter, some via Google, and some by regularly visiting websites like Smashing Magazine. Continue reading Cluefeed: a social know-how aggregator

Benchmark: RESTful Service Performance of Node.js vs. JAX-RS

Over the past few months, I’ve read more and more about Node.js. Besides its simplicity in creating a web application’s server part, the superior performance of Node.js was stressed very often.

I decided to run a little benchmark. Continue reading Benchmark: RESTful Service Performance of Node.js vs. JAX-RS

Exchange Server 2010 & the “x-originating-ip” header

Today I ran into a very strange problem. I’m running an Exchange Server 2010 SP1 and an Exchange Server 2007. The Exchange Server 2007 is inside our company’s network, protected by a SecurePoint Firewall. The SecurePoint Firewall is having Greylisting enabled, so sendmail is filtering all the mails flowing to the E2K7. Whenever I sent an email from the 2010 SP1 (outside the firewall) to the Exchange Server 2007 (behind  the firewall), it was returned with the error message

554 5.7.1 Command rejected
after the SMTP "DATA" command was sent.

Continue reading Exchange Server 2010 & the “x-originating-ip” header