Modules for the DNN CMS platform

Today I’d like to introduce two useful modules for the DNN CMS platform (formerly known as DotNetNuke), the #1 CMS on Microsoft’s .NET.

DNN Dynamic Roles extends DNN’s standard static role system. It allows for defining criteria which, when matched, automatically assign (or unassign) users to groups. This is useful for displaying content dependent on the user’s location or dependent on the user’s path to a landing page (such as certain campaigns/advertisements). DNN Dynamic Roles comes with various XML-based rules that support the evaluation of request parameters, cookies, user agents, geographical location (using MaxMind’s GeoIP service), and many more.

DNN Google Analytics Advanced extends DNN’s built-in Google Analytics Integration. When installed, you can track your site’s file downloads in realtime. In contrast to some hacks, this can be implemented without any coding by the site administrator. More features will follow shortly.

Both modules are compatible with the open source DNN CMS as well as with the professional Evoq Content. Furthermore, they can be used with Microsoft’s Azure Cloud Platform.

More information is available at – a project I created together with my mate Jan Jonas.