Cluefeed: a social know-how aggregator

I like reading through inspiring articles that extend my know-how, especially articles about web development. However, I find it hard to find good articles. I find some through postings by people I follow on Twitter, some via Google, and some by regularly visiting websites like Smashing Magazine.

One day I though: Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a website that aggregates all the good, inspiring articles? What if people could rate them, so I know if they waste my time before I’ve read through them?

That thought, I developed Cluefeed (

In short, Cluefeed is a social know-how aggregator.

Everyone can post links to good articles. Other people browse the catalog of articles, read the ones they like, and rate the articles. That’s it. Simple, but useful.


Update: Cluefeed is not available anymore.

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